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Styling and Wardrobe





Kerry Cahill (2018) LA Fashion Week

Kerry Cahill (2015) Terminator Genisys Premiere

Alexis Knapp (2014) MTV Movie Awards

Assistant Stylist

Alexis Knapp 2014, Stylist-Natalie Marks

Alfie Allen & jaime Winestone, 2015 Stylist-Natalie Marks

Julie Pleck, Oscars 2014 Stylist -Natalie Marks

Josh Henderson, 2014 Stylist -Natalie Marks

Jeremy Shada, 2014 Stylist -Natalie Marks


The Mortuary Collection , Trap Door Pictures, 2018

*Costume Designer

Disney & Toys R Us, 2016,Rogue One Commercial, Disney Imagination Inc.

*Assistant Designer

The Babysitter Murders, 2015, Trap Door Pictures

*Costume Designer

Bundle of Nerves, 2014, Trap Door Pictures, Legendary Pictures & YouTube Studios

*Costume Designer

The Root of the Problem, 2013, Trap Door Productions

*Costume Designer

Night of Too Many Stars, Comedy Central/MTV Networks, KCETV Wardrobe Stylist: Alicia Lawhon

*wardrobe assistant

Mardi Gras(2008)-Warner Bros.*Wardrobe Assistant

Love Letters (2008)- Head Hunter Productions, New Orleans Film Fest

*Costume Designer

Category 3 (2008)FSU Film

*Costume Designer

Kirksdale (2007)- FSU Films

*Costume Designer


Kohl’s Back-to-School- Stardollz/47 Pictures- Wardrobe Stylist: Beth Myers

*Wardrobe Assistant & Seamstress

Kohl’s Holiday- Stardoll/47 Pictures- Wardrobe Stylist: Beth Myers

*Wardrobe Assistant & Seamstress

PRINT & Campaigns


Big Sexy Hair, Summer 2014, Demo Video (2013)- Wardrobe Stylist: Natalie Marks

*Assistant Stylist

Schwarzkopf Hair Color Campaign (2013)-Wardrobe Stylist: Natalie Marks

*Assistant Stylist

Selena Gomez & The Scene, Album (2008)- Hollywood Records, Photographer: M. Gallagher Wardrobe Stylist: Bascha Richards

*Wardrobe Intern

Sears Back-to-School with Selena Gomez (2008)- Wardrobe Stylist: Bascha Richards

*Wardrobe Intern

Kids Stock Photography - Photographer: Michael DeLeon

*Wardrobe Stylist

Look Mexico, Album (2007)- Good Friend Records, Photographer: April Neil

*Wardrobe Stylist



Gloria & Beatrice Designs- Photographer: Vince Truspin Wardrobe Stylist: Kristen Turner West

*Wardrobe Assistant

Amelie G Magazine, 1st issue, Art and Fashion with Ashley Longshore (2008) Photographer: Michael Sui

*Wardrobe Stylist

Amelie G magazine, Stylish 7 of New Orleans (2008) Photographer: Michael Sui

*Wardrobe Stylist, 2010 Fall/Winter Catalog shoot Photographer: Adam Harrington Wardrobe Stylist: Frank Cortez

*Wardrobe Assistant

Oprah Online Magazine, 10 Healthy Tips for 2010 Wardrobe Stylist: Alicia Lawhon

*Assistant Wardrobe Stylist


Ottlie Broddman Designs-June 2009- Elsa Broddman- Fashion Designer

*Assistant Wardrobe Coordinator

Ottilie Broddman Designs-December 2009- Elsa Broddmann-Fashion Designer

*Wardrobe Stylist & Assistant Coordinator

Moulin Raunch- December 2006- Ellen McComber- Fashion Desinger

*Wardrobe Supervisor

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